Trade Insurances

January 27, 2017 | Uncategorized | By Eri Anshori Nurhadi | 0 Comments

Trade Insurances – SMEANZI

SMEs need to offer competitive payment terms to grow your international sales. But what happens if your customers go out of business, file bankruptcy, run short on cash money, or don’t pay you for some other reason? Export credit insurance protects foreign receivables against customer insolvencies, business closures, ownership changes, cash flow problems, balance sheet issues, currency fluctuations, natural disasters, or general economic conditions in your customer’s country.

SMEANZI offers you to partner with Trade Insurance Companies which have suitable products for your businesses, including export credit insurance, currency inconvertibility, transfer risks, war, strikes, riots, civil strife, expropriation, nationalization, embargoes, trade sanctions, and changes in import or export regulations. It could be your sales tool that can help you win more international orders and it’s a financing tool that makes your foreign receivables more attractive to lenders.

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