About Us

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Smeanzi.com has a vision to be people’s the “top of mind” website regarding small medium enterprises industry across Australia – New Zealand – Indonesia. In 2018, we have decided to expand our market to include South-East Asia.

  1. To bridge small businesses in Australia, NZ, and South-East Asia to make connection and build partnership
  2. To connect SME owners to their right and potential stake holders (Government, Investors, Financial Intitutions, Logistics, etc) in order to expand their businesses.
  3. To assist SMEs which have export-import orientation by providing useful information.

Our strategy to connecting potential SMEs through ANZI market

  • Indonesia and South-East Asia as prospective market connecting with OECD countries (Australia and New Zealand)
  • Collaboration and partnership for SMEs
  • Vendor connection for SMEs
  • Making strong relations with government and national chamber of commerce