Basic Industry and Chemical

PT. Duta Pertiwi Nusantara Tbk. (DPNS)operates in the production of adhesives for the plywood industry including formaldehyde and thermosetting adhesives.

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Plates PT Timah Nusantara Tbk, abbreviated PT Latinusa Tbk, is the first company in Indonesia which produce high-quality tinplate with international standards.

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PT. Pelangi Indah Canindo Tbk. (PICO) operates as a manufacturer of metal packaging in Indonesia for various product drums, LPG ??cylinders, tin pail, tin food,...

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PT. Alakasa Industrindo Tbk. (ALKA) is an investment holding company with interest in the manufacturing and trading of aluminum.

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PT Alumindo Light Metal Industry Tbk manufactures aluminum sheets for household appliances, and construction material and aluminum foils for packaging material. Through its subsidiary, the...

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PT Anugerah Kagum Karya Utama Tbk, through its subsidiaries, engages in general trading business in Indonesia. It offers business, management, and administration consulting; mining operations...

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PT. Argha Karya Prima Industry Tbk. (AKPI) operates in the production of flexible packaging films. AKPI producing a wide range of packaging films for the...

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PT. Arwana Citramulia Tbk. (ARNA) operates in producing low cost ceramic tiles to serve medium-low segment market nationwide.

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PT. Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk. (AMFG) operates in the production of flat glass and automotive safety glass.

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PT. Asiaplast Industries Tbk. (APLI) is engaged in the business of making and trading of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) plastic paper. APLI product is a...

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PT. Barito Pacific Tbk. (BRPT) is engaged in the forestry, petrochemicals, and property industry sectors.

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PT. Berlina Tbk (BRNA) operates in the production of plastic packaging, closures, blown film, and a toothbrush with a primary focus on serving the pharmaceutical,...

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PT. Betonjaya Manunggal Tbk. (BTON) operates in the production and trading of iron rods for reinforced concrete

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PT Budi Starch & Sweetener Tbk is an Indonesia-based company primarily engaged in manufacturing cassava-based products. Its main products are tapioca starch, glucose and fructose....

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PT. Earth Teknokultura Unggul Tbk. (BTEK) is engaged in the field of forestry seed crops or medicinal plants.

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PT. Champion Pacific Indonesia Tbk., Formerly known as PT. Kageo Igar Jaya Tbk. (IGAR), operates in the manufacture of plastic packaging. IGAR producing plastic containers...

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PT. Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk. (TPIA) operates as a producer of polypropylene sap that is used in the manufacture of a wide range of consumer...

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PT. Citra Turbindo Tbk. (CTBN) operates in manufacturing and providing service for oilfield tubular goods.

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PT. Ekadharma Tape Industries Tbk. (EKAD) operates in the manufacturing of adhesive tape and related materials, as well as general trading to meet market demand...

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PT. Eterindo Wahanatama Tbk. (ETWA) initially started with the trading of chemical products. ETWA has diversified the group business into Biodiesel manufacturing, Oil-palm plantation operations...

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PT. Gunawan Dianjaya Steel Tbk. (GDST) operates in the production of hot rolled steel plates. GDST's products are used in ship building, heavy equipments and...

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PT. Impack Pratama Industri Tbk. (IMPC) produces plastic products. IMPC manufacture building material plastics, PVC products, and fiberglass roofing, among other products.

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PT. Indal Aluminium Industry Tbk. (Henna) is engaged in the manufacture of aluminum products.

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PT. Acidatama Indo Tbk. (SRSN) operates in agro-chemical industry. SRSN main products include Ethanol, Acetic Acid, Ethyl Acetate, and Bio Organic Fertilizer Plus.

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The Indopoly group manufactures a wide range of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and Biaxially Oriented Polyester (BOPET) films for flexible packaging industry.

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