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PD. Alam Lestari is a company which empowers women in suburban of Tasikmalaya, Indonesia. We produced 3 (two) healthy agricultural products, Soybean Milk Powder ,...

 Agricultural Products /  Indonesia / 59 views

PT Jaya Agra Wattie Tbk is an Indonesia-based company engaged in the agribusiness industry, focussing on rubber, oil palm, and coffee plantation. The company's business...

 Rubber /  Indonesia / 46 views

JAW is an agribusiness enterprise engaging in cultivation, processing, agricultural logistics and marketing activities. With over than 90 years experience in the agriculture sector, continually...

 Plantation /  Indonesia / 53 views

small industrial coffee processing

 Food and Beverages /  Indonesia / 64 views

industrial processing of coffee and passion fruit juice

 Food and Beverages /  Indonesia / 74 views