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SMEANZI help small medium-sized enterprise to big company in Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia to gain partnership, investment, relationship, funding, opportunity, or business expansion by connecting them to the right stakeholders.

Keep updated for more information of SME listings, capital access, business trends, trade rules and policies, workshops and seminars, and additional selected vendors to build relationship across regions.


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Featured Industry for Your Need

Coal, Gas, Oil, Petrol, Nickel, and Mining

As with many other commodities, pricing volatility drives commercial strategy for firms engaged in the international trade of petrol and gas. Despite apprehension from policymakers and declining infrastructure investment levels, non-renewable energy (NRE) continues to provide almost two-third of global energy. Including HSD, MFO, Minerals, etc.

Crude Palm Oil

Main usage of CPO is for cooking purposes and is largely used in South-East Asia, West Africa and some parts of Brazil. Largest producer of CPO is Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria and Columbia. They are major exporters of palm oil. India is net importer of Crude Palm Oil and Mumbai being one of the major trading centers. It is also used for making bio diesel and one of it's by product is Glycerin.

Agriculture and Livestock

Encompassing farming and farming-related commercial activities. This industries involves all the steps required to send an agricultural good to market: production, processing and distribution. It is an important component of the economy in countries with arable land, since agricultural products can be exported. Such as corn, wheat, rice, meat, wood, etc.

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SMEANZI provides information of financial institutions which are able to lend some credit loans to expand your businesses.


SMEANZI is with renown certification bodies, which certification programs are led by professionals within the manufacturing industry who guide the development and continuous improvement of the bodies of knowledge and competency models upon which the certifications are based.

Supply-Demand Information

SMEANZI has feature to posting real-time business needs, especially for supply and demand trading.

Trade Insurance

It could be your sales tool that can help you win more international orders and it’s a financing tool that makes your foreign receivables more attractive to lenders.

Business Consultant and Legal

SMEANZI has the right business consultants for your SMEs which help you to provide needed information, solve problems, and find market opportunities.


Government Bodies

This is one of the crucial factors for SMEs who want to expand their, especially to other countries. Each government of regions has different rules and policies. SME owners need to learn more about the economic situation and condition, which government surely has the data.

Business Council

SMEANZI provides information you need about business councils in connection regions. You may contact them directly, register to become their members and get numerous advantages for your businesses.

SME Association

SME Associations are supporting small and medium sized enterprises for success and economic growth. They exist to provide membership services to help SME owners, to connect, grow and prosper through a business friendly platform. Joining associations gives you opportunity to scale up your business network.

Investor Network

SMEANZI provides you the links to the powerful investors across the regions. You may contact them and try to give your best efforts to attract their attention.


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